About Us




The Aware Series was developed by the team at Human Performance Technology by DTS, which was founded in 1981 by Doug Malouf in Sydney, Australia. 

Doug started Dougmal Training Systems (DTS), and he was recognised as one of the world’s best trainers and inspirational speakers, having been inducted into the National Speakers Association Hall of Fame. He has made over 2,500 corporate presentations and authored 9 books. 

Forty years on, and we can see that our history has been defined by our ability to reinvent, grow and transform with our customers, the market and our purpose.

Today, our vision is an entirely new world of work. Our mission is to bring into existence new practices that change the way every member of the global workforce will work forever. This new direction was introduced by Human Performance Technology by DTS in 2021.

The Aware Series is led by Temre Green, who is an award winning leader with a Masters of Science in Organisational Behaviour and a Doctorate in Industrial-Organisational Psychology. Temre is known for effectively leading teams with diverse perspectives and navigating change to deliver operational excellence and strategies that work.

Meet Temre in this brief video.