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A Self-Paced Success Discovery Program 

Are you hoping to discover more about what drives and satisfies you in your work life?

This program will help you gain clarity and perspective on how you like to work, as well as how to align to work that engages you. Our program does this by applying behavioural science and motivational theory to provide you with a personalised report that you can take with you in all avenues of your life, forever.

Life is just too short to not enjoy our work and have it align to who we are.



Allow 15-20 minutes when you will not be interrupted to complete the questions in one sitting.


Enjoy 11 pages dedicated to your preferences, communication, time traps, obstacles and more.

Educational Videos & Workbook

Embrace your learning journey by completing the workbook and watching the videos.

Where Engagement Begins

Getting to know the “how” and “why” of you

This section of your report highlights your unique position across four behavioural continuums and six spectrums of motivation.



Knowing where you excel

This section of your report explores your 'productive place' based on what truly engages you.



Helping you get out of your own way

This section of your report assists you in identifying some of your potential limitations and how you respond to obstacles.


What People Are Saying

Creating real change in the lives of these people.

"After 8 years in my industry, I felt stuck. Thanks to this program, I'm more confident in making a change because I know what I'm looking for and can raise my satisfaction with work.

Alexander Rhodes

Computer Programmer

"The report is so honest and describes me well, maybe a little too well. I'm literally mind blown. I was not expecting that.

Madison Petty

Medical Practice Receptionist

"I really want to start my own business, and this program helped me to understand how I can be effective as an entrepreneur and leader.

Christina Smith



Our Launch Video

Even though the launch discount is no longer available, we're delighted to offer our program for AUD$195 + GST.


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